Shot for the Day (9 November 2014)

Riding the storm out

I miss the big country.  The violence of the weather, the sheer size of the landscape. Most of all, I miss nature.  Singapore is so many things but alas, not natural.  Everything here is outlandish, larger than life.  Perhaps the weather in this image I took in California a couple of years ago is also as prodigious in its own way as Singapore is.

Two hours after I took this image, the rain had washed the road out leaving all timorous motorists stranded.  However, I was in the world’s best off road car; a rental Ford Mustang convertible, which ploughed through the rushing waters.  Although it leaking into the footwells as the water level rose above the base door height, the car made it.  I can still recall the sight of several scared drivers disappearing behind me in my rear view mirror, all huddled motionless in their pick up trucks.

Shot for the Day (14 September 2014)


Today’s shot is from Gardens in the Bay in Singapore.    It is unlike my usual images for two reasons.  Firstly, I took it on an iPhone instead of one of my high end cameras.  The best camera is the camera you have with you as they say. The other reason is that instead of my usual landscape imagery, this actually incorporates people in the shot.

Normal service will resume shortly.

Shot for the Day (6 September 2014)


Singapore is a city of man made monuments.  Even though nature abounds with equatorial greenery and trees, there are precious few open vistas and very limited natural scenery for a landscape photographer like me to be satisfied.  So, instead, here is a homage to nature I took at the beginning of the year, at Gardens in the Bay.

Shot for the Day (29 April 2014)

Exmouth end of day

After several months based in Singapore, I miss certain things about the UK. A quiet beach and a cool breeze are definitely two of them. This was shot at one of my favour beaches, Exmouth, on a Spring evening. The large beach was devoid of any movement as the opalescent sky and previous inclement weather had chased all the fair weather beach combers. When I took this shot, the sun was almost gone, giving the sea an eerie hew on long exposure.

Shot for the Day (24 April 2014)

Bantham Bay sunset

Dreaming of the summer nights at Bantham Bay in Devon, looking into the sun with no one around.   Actually, the reason there was no one around was because it was Easter 2013 and it was bloody freezing.  Still, one way to get such a beautiful beach all to oneself.

Shot for the Day (22 April 2014)

Ascent of Mount Kinabalu

Long time since my last post.

Over the Easter weekend, I was fortunate to have some time on my hands and ventured over to Borneo (Sabah, Malaysia) to visit Kota Kinabalu and attempt to climb Mount Kinabalu.  After completing the 4095m climb at 5am in the morning, I sat on a freezing summit, a whisker from the equator, to watch the early morning sunrise.

Soon after, I dropped a couple of hundred metres to the start of the highest via Ferrata route in the world, to commence a 1.2km route.  Although this does not sound all that spectacular, when you are almost 4km up, believe me, there are some giddy moments, especially the first part of the route that takes you vertically off the start ledge.

Via Ferrata on Kinabalu

Vi Ferrata on Kinabalu

Alas, I was too busy having fun on the via Ferrata to snap any photos.  Here are a couple of images from other climbers on the route to give you an idea of the experience.



Shot for the Day (25 September 2013)


A decade ago, I was in southern Argentina, on my travels around South America. I have fond memories of camping out close to the Perito Moreno Glacier, with some friends from the Raleigh International expedition I had just completed.  The previous night, we were kept awake by the violent sound of huge chunks of ice carving off the glacier.

I arose at 4am and walked to the glacier to watch dawn break. It was a truly spellbinding moment. Unfortunately, the next time I visited the glacier, you were no longer allowed to camp in the National Park, so a doubly lucky moment.

Here’s looking at you 2003!

Shot for the Day (19 September 2013)



Not sure when I took this image of the West Pier in Brighton after it burned down in March 2003.  However, I do recall the most remarkable thing about the evening was the sky filled with a flock of starlings around sunset.  They performed a beautiful celestial ballet above the pier, mirroring the motion of the waves beneath them.

Shot for the Day (17 September 2013)



Whilst out in Colorado earlier this year, we drove past a field of horses each day on the way to Snowmass.  Aside form a few cars passing, the scene was tranquil with only the occasional sound of crunching snow as the horses walked towards the fence to see what I was up to.

Shot for the Day (11 September 2013)



An early morning slow sunrise over the channel in east Devon.  There was very little movement in the water and yet the clouds moved at a quickened pace above me.

This shots was taken about 30 minutes after dawn had broken, just as the sun finally cleared the bank of cloud hugging the horizon.