Preparation for the long journey

The date for the cycle ride from Lands End to John O’Groats has now been set. We aim to head off on Saturday, 19th July.

There will be three of us taking up this challenge:
Peter Root
Mary Thompson
Julien Buckley

Pete and Mary have been preparing for the long ride in their native Guernsey, whilst I have been putting in the miles cycling around London, on my way to and from work. However, even though I am knocking out about 20-25 miles a day, I really need to crank things up a gear or two.

Next Friday, I am off to Bridgewater, to see Thorn. They make some greats bikes and I have decided to go for one after Pete and Mary advocated how good they were. I’ve never been keener to spend my money on a bike!

3 thoughts on “Preparation for the long journey

  1. I was thinking about following the traditional Le Jog route:

    Day 7:
    Warrington on the A573, past Wigan on the A5106 to Chorley. From here, we will take the A674 to Blackburn, then the A671 to Clitherone and the B6478/A683 up to Kirkby Lonsdale

    Day 8:
    Leave Kirkby Lonsdale on the A683, then A684, then A685 up to Kirkby Stephen. From here, we will take the B6413 all the way to Brampton, where we will jump on the B6071 to Gretna

    Will we be passing anywhere near to your gaff?

  2. Will try and stay switched on nearer the time and get out to watch/laugh/join in if mum will look after baby!. You could maybe have a bed for the night at my mum and dad’s… She would feed you till you popped… Would involve being ferried there in my van so if you are not to purist would work!…. Very near Kendal. Phone us on (01535) 665 096 maybe when approaching. Oh, I’ve always wanted to do Lands End to John O’Groats. Will do one day!

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