Back in the UK and time to train!

My trusty steed - A Specialized Allez Elite road bike

So, after a fantastic week in Mallorca, learning how to sail a catamaran, I am back in the UK. I have headed down to Sussex for a few days to start my cycle training. The South Downs offers plenty of hills to the discerning cyclist and the weather is a balmy 20°C with an abundance of sunshine.

I think I will start with a modest ride today as I have not been on the bike for a couple of weeks, perhaps 20 miles or so. Tomorrow, I aim to knock out a longer 2-3 hour ride, so perhaps 40-50 miles. The one thing I will need to make sure of is that I do not get too used to cycling on my lightweight road bike as my touring bike is a darn sight more sturdy, being made of steel instead of aluminium.

On that point, I ordered my Thorn Raven last week via Pete. I cannot wait to receive it! I did a tally of all the various items I would like to take touring with me and I will have to trim down the list as otherwise I’ll never move under the oppressive weight of so much stuff!

I have also bought a mini-tripod set up for my handle bars, so I will be able to see how the camera will sit on my bike. Hopefully, I will have some test images from the next few days that I will upload to Flickr and to this blog.

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