First proper ride

Mile 18 - A few miles after South Harting village

Bloody hell, I though I was a little more cycle fit. Perhaps that is because I am used to cycling in London which is generally pretty flat, as opposed to the South Downs. Suffice to say, the 2 hour ride I did this afternoon, which was about 40 miles, somewhat took the wind from my sails.

I cycled from my mother’s place, through Walderton and Compton, past Uppark House and through South Harting. From there I headed east to Midhurst and then back via Cocking, Siddlesham and Lavant to Funtington and back home. Take a look at the route on GoogleMaps below.

Google map of today’s cycle route

I forgot how knackered your arms get from the vibrations sent through the frame. It does not matter that the forks are carbon fibre, if the road surface is anything but silky smooth, the skinny, slick road tyres transfer every single bump through to my wrists.

Fortunately, the pace I keeping to was perhaps a little too fast for the Le Jog route as I think Pete and Mary would prefer me to slow down so we can actually enjoy the scenery rather than race through it at the rate of knots.

Anyhow, I’m glad I went for a ride today as the weather was so peachy. Hopefully, tomorrow, I will do a similar ride, although perhaps a little slower and another 10-15 miles on top of today’s outing. We shall see…

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