London mash up

Trashed handlebars

The weather was just so good today, I decided to down tools a take a break from conquering the world of photography to go for a burn on the bike instead. As London is a mental place, I decided to do laps of Regents Park, which is just over 3 miles per circumnavigation.

After fighting the urge to power through 10 laps, I soon settled into a comfortable pack. After a few laps, I thought I might even push my self a little further and cycle 40 miles as the weather was so good and the cycling that pleasant.

I was joined by Doug, a Scot who happened to be out on his rounds in Regents Park. We chatted for a while about cycling, Le jog, this and that really. It was thoroughly enjoyable cycling with someone else rather than merely doing solo laps.

On my last lap, I told Doug that I wanted to put the hammer down and crack out one fast lap. I notched the pace up to 25mph and sped off. While passing the junction between York Bridge and the Outer Circle, a taxi turned in front of me, followed closely behind by a motorbike. Although I shouted a warning, it was already too late and I clipped the back of the bike as he turned across my path.

The next thing I remember is flying through the air upside down, staring at the traffic and Doug on his bike behind me. Then next moment, I was earthward bound and inverted, having left my bicycle behind me somewhere. With the grace of a one legged cat, I landed heavily on my back. Fortunately for me, I happened to have my bumbag on laden with a full water bottle, which most kindly adsorbed the brunt of the impact.

After various remonstrations, I struggled to my feet and limped to the side of the road where Doug was inspecting my bike. He was able to unlock the breaks and straighten my handlebars so I could pedal my compressed bicycle with bent front forks, buckled front wheel, trashed seat, broken computer, bent pedal crank and derailed chain.

Although the bike driver was most congenial and apologetic, my bicycle is now trashed. I will have to have it evaluated and fixed but suffice it to say, this will not be done quickly enough. So, until I receive my new bike towards the end of next week, I will not be able to train, which is a bummer this close to the start date.

That's gonna cost a bit to get foxed...

Anyway, if anyone has a bicycle I could borrow for the next week that would be real handy. In the meantime, I am going to convalesce and let all the bruising and swelling go down. I have the feeling that tomorrow, I am going to hurt like hell!

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