What’s the verdict doc?

RIP my Specialized Allez Elite

After talking to the guys at Evans cycles after my run in with the motorist last Tuesday, my bike has now been assessed by the mechanics. The verdict is not good. I will need a new frame. It appears that not only are the carbon forks out of action but the integrity of the aluminium alloy frame has now also been compromised. When I spoke to the guy who hit me, he was not surprisingly unhappy. Not only will I need a new frame, I will also need a new front wheel, potentially handlebars and front break levers. So, it may well be actually more cost effective to replace the entire bike I was told.

Great but I still don’t have a bike and will not have a road bike for a while it would appear. Just magic, the moment I need one the most to rack some miles up on and I am left high and dry, not being able to cycle at all.

On the plus side, I now have a fantastic, small HD camera, which I shall be filming this little adventure on. I just hope the crappy weather we have been suffering over the weekend gives way to better conditions. After all, we have less than 2 weeks to go!

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