Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the roads…

It\'s not safe out there...

Not much news to report as I have no bicycle to be training on.

Evans cycles did their analysis on my bike and informed me that due to my bike being a better spec version than the current model, they recommend that I should rebuild my current bike rather than go for a new model. The difference in price is only about £100.

So, when my bike is finally repaired, I think the only pieces on it that will be retained from my current bike will be the pedals, crank and seat post.

However, the bad news is that the perpetrator of the accident has gone underground once I told him how much the repairs are going to cost. As a result, I will have to go to the police station and report this. With so many other things vying for my attention, including training, the absence of both my bike and the motorist who wrecked it is rather infuriating.

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