Let’s Go!!

I think this is everything. Car at mum and dad’s. Rottable food out of the house. Bin goes out in an hour. Hours spent creating smart playlists on the iPod I’ll probably forget to put in my bag. Milk needs a drinkin. Bike needs loading. Need to rememeber the chilled rose and chocolate mouse for the boat journey. Pack everything into little ziplock food bags, then into bin bags, then into bike bags, then onto bikes. Worry  about what keys do what and go where. Brother to water plants. Weather to get good. Boat and trains to run smoothly. Bikes to not get nicked. Farmers and landlords of pubs to be generous with field space and scrumpy. Make sure I put the right stuff into my bike bags and not (secretly, without myself knowing) replace the correct kit with bags of flour, big books and lead weights….only to be discovered in Portsmouth tomorrow morning. Let’s Go!!!

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