Only a few hours now…

So, the night before the big adventure starts and I have to admit I have a sizeable dosage of the jitters. Not for any bad reason I just always get them before I embark on some new adventure. As far as endurance events go, this will be longer than any mountaineering or trekking campaign I have undertaken thus far.

The bags are all packed and even though I have ditched a load of stuff, I am not convinced that I am as lightweight as I should be. That said, carrying a few extra kilos might mean better preparation for any extreme moment we might encounter.

It would be great if anyone who reading these blog entries leaves a comment or two along the way as otherwise one feels disconnected to the rest of the world.

Anyway, off to sleep now, perchance to dream even (of cycling no doubt).

4 thoughts on “Only a few hours now…

  1. Hope it’s going well
    you’re amazing, all of you
    lots of love
    Mum & Dad x
    Marian & Jerry x

  2. All the best with your epic journey, sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye but I will be thinking of you and hoping your arses are up to the task.

    God speed (the speed you want)


  3. Did you remember your flip flops Mary ?! By now you are no doubt half way up Wales and well acquainted with your saddles…
    All the best – Ed

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