Day 7: Middleton to Kelsall

Total mileage: 56
Terrain: Hills – Comfortable with a few hills

After the previous day’s ride, all three of us were pretty tired.  We had decided to make it a short cycle day an to have the afternoon to relax, wherever we ended up.

The weather was fantastic as we retraced a few miles back on the previous day’s journey along the busy A road.  Once back on the small country roads, the traffic disappeared and the cycling was good.

We stopped for a bite to eat at a small grocery in a tiny village, which I have forgotten the name of.  From here, we headed past a field with a satellite dish plonked in the middle of it, very surreal.

Overall, the cycling was enjoyable but nothing spectacular.  The camping site was fully and we ended up having to pitch at the bottom of a slope.  However, the locals were extremely friendly and offered us from bangers and a drink!

The only ol in the ointment was that I felt terrible (probably too much sun) and Pete had a nightmare trying to organise our return journeys from John O’Groats

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