Day 9: Brake to Dageling

It’s day nine for Julien today and he started out from Brake early this morning catching the ferry across the Wesar river. Julien tells me he loves a ferry ride in the morning!

He then continued on to Beverstadt where he had a good German lunch and saw a number of schoolchildren disobeying their angry teacher!

Julien cycled over many hills today so he had a bit of a problem with both his knees. He also got a bit lost again (I am starting to sense a theme!) this time around Lambstedt. After a while he made it to a more major route to Wischaften and took another ferry along with a load of trucks and cars.

Julien then made a final 12 mile push to get to the campsite in Dageling where he is staying in for the night. Apparently the place is occupied by a few people who look like they have been there for too long!

Julien estimates one more full day in Germany heading towards the northeast around Schlesig and Flensburg.

Here is the Google Map for today and as always please visit the Child’s i Foundation and Julien’s Just Giving page. Thanks!

One thought on “Day 9: Brake to Dageling

  1. Well done so far! Very impressive. My wife’s family are from Friedrichstadt – you may well pass close to it or even through it today – hope you enjoy the beautiful (and fairly flat!) scenery

    Looking forward to reading more about your journey as it unfolds…

    all the best

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