Day 10: Dageling to Flensburg

Julien set out from Dageling early this morning and managed to clock up an impressive 80 miles by the end of the day.

He stopped in for breakfast at Itzehoe which sounds like a nice little place before taking a river crossing and carrying on past Rensburg and Schleswig to Flensburg.

It took Julien a while to find a campsite to stay in for the night as many of those noted on his map didn’t actually exist! In the end though he settled down in the area around Flensburg.

Julien has now covered around 800 miles in total. Unsuprisingly he is experiencing some pain in his right knee which has been made worse by the many hills he has cycled over in the last few days.

Julien plans to have an early breakfast tomorrow before pushing onto Denmark, which he is really looking forward to visiting.

This is partly because of its reputation as a good place for cyclists but also because he wants an end to the poor campsites he has had to stay in in Germany!

Here is the Google Map for day ten. Please also visit the Child’s i Foundation and Julien’s Just Giving page by clicking the buttons on the right. Thanks very much!

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