Day 11: Flensburg to Vejle

Julien set out towards Denmark early this morning and had to contend with awful weather all day.

To avoid the rain Julien stopped in at Flensburg and found some cover which he shared with many wet Germans!

After a while it became clear the rain was not going to stop, so Julien decided to carry on his way and the sun did make a brief apperance just before he crossed the border.

He found a beautiful scandinavian style beach just on the edge between Germany and Denmark but soon after he had to cycle across some serious hills and deal with the undulating Danish landscape.

There was some respite in towns like Aabenraa and Haderslev which are at sea level, but outside of these towns the hills rose up again and it was back to riding in a low gear!

As it continued to rain heavily Julien stopped in at cafe in Kolding and watched his bike get soaked outside!

Julien told the owners of the cafe that he was planning to cycle on to Juelsminde but he was told that the town was much futher away than his map indicated.

Instead he was advised to cycle to Vejle. Just before he reached the town Julien faced a massive drop and reached around 20mph in a thunderstorm – not very nice!

Once in Vejle Julien found a decent campsite to set up in for the night and is pleased with the progress he has made so far, estimating that he is currently a day or two ahead of schedule.

Here is Google map number eleven. Please also visit the Child’s i Foundation and Julien’s Just Giving site. Thanks very much!

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