Day 12: Vejle to Grenna

Today has been Julien’s most tiring yet, he covered 90 miles most of which were over very large hills.

He set out from Vejle this morning and had a chilled ride to Horsens where he tried to find somewhere for lunch but kept ending up on an industrial estate!

So he delayed lunch for a while and continued on to Aarhus, one of the largest cities in Denmark.

Julien says that Aarhus was a really nice place to visit and he saw an interesting sculpture exhibit there.

He also found nice a café to eat in and met some lovely Danish people who were very interested in his trip (and who are hopefully reading this entry tonight!)

After lunch Julien took the coastal route and enjoyed the beautiful views along the Danish seaside. Unfortunately though the large hills kept coming especially around Kolindsund.

With all the ups and downs Julien was extremely worn out by the time he reached Grenna where he found a great campsite to stay in for his last night in Denmark.

After a good rest Julien will catch the ferry to Sweden tomorrow and continue on his way to Nordkapp.

Here is the Google Map for today and also a Google Map of the Journey so far.

Please also take the time to visit the Child’s i Foundation and Julien’s Just Giving page. Thanks!

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