Day 17: Lesjofors to Mora

Today has been pretty starightforward for Julien.

Last night he stayed in a campsite right by a road, which he ended up following all day today.

Julien was feeling quite tired today as he continued to recover from the 101 miles he cycled the day before. However he still managed to clock up 84 miles!

Because the campsite he was staying in last night had no washing machine, Julien had to reuse his clothes from the day before. Not very comfortable!

After about 50 miles Julien made it to Vansbro. The road there was quite tough with rough roads and big hills.

Julien was also facing a headwind all day. He reached around 4-5mph up hill and about 10mph on the way down.

He stopped in for lunch at a bit of a one horse town and has noticed that towns and villages are becoming significantly smaller as he heads futher north.

Julien is also having to adjust to the fact that he is now facing almost 24 hour daylight. By 7 in the morning it is very hot in his tent!

After lunch Julien continued towards Mora and made it just outside of the town to a picturesque campsite by a beach.

Julien is aiming to cover at least 90 miles a day from here on in as he aims to reach the Finnish border by next weekend.

Here is the Google Map for today. Please also visit the Child’s i Foundation and Julien’s Just Giving page. Thanks!

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