Day 18: Mora to Sveg

Today was Julien’s most tiring so far.

He left Mora this morning a little later than he planned as he had to wait for his clothes to dry from the day before.

Whilst he waited Julien got to talking with a guy called Christian who was staying in a tent next to him.

Christian told Julien that he had just been to Nordkapp on a motorcycle and that he found it pretty tough going.

He warned Julien that further north service stations are about 100km apart so it is important to take lots of fluid onboard.

After chatting for a bit Julien set off at around 10 and made it towards Orsa.

After passing through Orsa Julien again faced some really massive hills and bad roads. He cycled up one hill for an entire hour!

He climbed up the hill at about 4mph and had to drink about 4 litres of water to keep hydrated.

After many false summits Julien made it to the top, but more hills stretched out ahead of him.

Cycling across the hills took its toll as Julien pulled a muscle in his right leg. As a result he has been applying deep heat and popping painkillers for most of the day.

Julien stopped in to get something to eat and drink at a small village, as he was seriously hungry and dehydrated by the middle of the day.

There was some good news though. Julien met a German guy in the village who was very friendly and who was on his own journey from Germany to Poland and through the Baltic states.

They had a good chat and Julien was able to pick up some advice on his route ahead.

He was advised to head towards Ostersund and told that once he reached the town the landscape would be beautiful – but more importantly flat!

After talking to the German Julien bought a litre of coke from a local store, which he quickly drained before continuing on to Sveg where he is camping for the night.

Before turning in for the night Julien grabbed some food, had a shower and tried to deal with some of the many insect bits he has sustained in Sweden!

Here is the Google Map for today. Please visit the Child’s i Foundation and sponsor Julien on his Just Giving page.

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