Day 21: Stromsund to Vilhelmina

I am pleased to report that Julien had a much better day today.

He took good care of his leg keeping it heavily strapped and he suffered very little pain throughout the day.

Thankfully the roads also started to flatten out a bit. There were still some hills but they were not as big as they have been over the last few days.

Julien started by cycling to Hoting. From there he cycled along a long road surrounded by trees on either side.

He made it to a nice town called Dorotea where he chatted to some locals about the route ahead and the conditions in Nordkapp.

Julien also met a Swedish traveller who is cycling from the north tip of Sweden right down to the southernmost point and he and Julien were able to compare notes.

Whilst chatting by a railroad track Julien spotted a Reindeer and its baby who walked close by before returning to the forest. Julien says it was a bit of a magic moment!

From Dorotea Julien cycled along a fast stretch of road and stopped at Meselefors for lunch. He met another Swedish guy who was travelling across the country.

He warned Julien that the roads ahead are in a bit of bad state.

As a result Julien is expecting to have to push his bike along for the first hour or so tomorrow.

Before making it to Vilhelmina where he is staying for the night, Julien saw a sign that told him he officially entered Lapland.

He covered 82 miles today and is planning to cycle around 95 tomorrow to make it to Sorsele. Julien hopes to make it to the artic circle in about five days.

The bad news is that Julien is going to have to put up with almost 24-hour daylight for a while longer.

It also sounds like there are many more insects to come as he heads further north.

Here is the Google Map for today. Please also visit the Child’s i Foundation and Julein’s Just Giving page. Thanks!

You can also visit the blogs of the travellers Julien met today. Click to visit blog one and blog two.

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