About me

I am a Singapore based photographer, specialising in landscape and expedition photography.  I love working in the panoramic format and have more equipment than I would prefer.

This is my photography company website with my professional portfolio.

Apart from being a keen photographer, I also partake in other activities including mountaineering, trekking, long distance cycling, rock climbing and other such energetic endeavours.  However, since becoming a dad, for some reason I seem to have less time to pursue all these activities.

When I am not galavanting around the world on various expeditions, I work in advertising, as an integrated country and regional head of production & operations.  Currently, I am based in Singapore after Ogilvy shipped me out here back in 2013.

Other sites you can follow me on include:

twitter Twitter
linkedin LinkedIn

3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Julien
    I was so nice talking to you i Aarhus saturday. Hope you are doing well and has arrived i Sweden now. Will try to follow you here and find out more about your cherity.
    Have a nice day.
    Best regards Birthe, one of the ladies from Aarhus

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