Shot for the Day (15 September 2018)

At the end of my time in Cornwall and Devon this summer, I drove to a place called Sandymouth, a few miles north of Bude in north east Cornwall. The beach is a photographer’s Mecca, with rocks, sand, cliffs and westerly facing, so fantastic for end of day shots.

The tide was very high the day I visited and I would like to return when it has receded further, exposing more rocks and some sand.

Shot for the Day (12 September 2018)

Part of the Devon set from my time there in August. This was taken in Paignton, about 20 mins drive further south from Exeter than Teignmouth. Both towns have piers but Paignton was blessed with a more impressive sunrise the morning I was there.

This shot was taken moments after the sun crept over the horizon and was a long exposure as I was looking to create the illusion of a vanishing point aligned with the end of the pier.

The shot below was taken about 45 minutes later, from the other side of the pier. Again, I employed a long exposure to fill the vast sky with movement. The golden hour had past by the time I took this shot, with the cooler blue tones more apparent.

Shot for the Day (6 September 2018)

This is a shot of one of the stone jetties on Dawlish. The sky was overcast but there was some really interesting light breaking through. My HiTech grad filter has a purple cast to them, much like Lee filters have a slight blue cast, which coloured the sky. Juxtaposed next to the polarised sea, which looked green after a chopping night and the colours look other worldly.

Shot for the Day (1 October 2017)

On the road back to Glasgow at the end of the week in the Outer Hebrides, I stopped at Etive Mor waterfall. I know this shot has been done to death and there were several photographers buzzing around the scene when I got there. However, with the light being behind the mountain and using a couple of ND grad filters, I managed to grab an interesting shot of the mountain, with the movement in the foreground water and clouds in the sky adding drama to the scene.

What do you think?

Nokia Gulp – Work from the archive

Back in 2012, my team at Wieden + Kennedy created Nokia Gulp, shot solely on a Nokia N8 handset.  The plot as based on a Jonah-style adventure of a fisherman getting caught in a belly of a giant fish.  It was the successor to Nokia Dot, the smallest animation ever, which W+K also made with Sumo Science and Aardman, again using a Nokia N8 handset.

Here is a look behind the scenes how the world’s largest animation is shot on a Nokia phone handset.  We needed an army of locals to help us prepare the beach everyday for the shoot.

The advert was release across Europe initially and then globally.  It has since become a favourite on Vimeo and still enjoys good ratings years after making it.

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Guinness – St Patrick’s Day shoot

On an icy cold Thursday and Friday in January, as the snow fell and the temperatures tumbled below zero, I was on the set of a Guinness shoot, to celebrate St Patrick’s Day this March 17th 2013.

The team was made up of our Guinness client, creatives from Saatchi, Michael Sugerman (Director) and Production team from Holster, my team from Tribal, a live action / post production team from Rushes, as well as the assembled cast and crew.

The complexity of the shoot was based on the fact that we were interjecting personalised elements into the experience and therefore had to carefully choreograph the key sequences that my post production team at Luma could then create assets from and pass them over to the render farm team at Crystal CG / Hoopers.

One point of interest was that the bar set we used was from the hit TV comedy ‘Only Fools and Horses’.

The final output is available on Facebook:

Here are a few behind the scenes images I managed to grab whilst on the two day shoot.

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John Lewis – Fitness shoot

In January of this year (2013), I executive produced a short film for John Lewis about the ever pertinent New Year’s topic of fitness.  With only a very limited time frame to pull together the shoot, we worked with a small unit at Mind’s Eye to create a humorous and delicately shot short to demonstrate how we all start the New Year with the best of intentions to loose the gut just acquired over the Christmas break.  However, our protagonist is thwarted at every turn by the shoddy state of his sporting gear.

How long did it take you to recognise the soundtrack?

Here are a few images I managed to grab whilst on the one day shoot.

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Bring on the Green

O2 Ireland Rugby mobile site

Today marked the first of the Six Nations rugby games.  O2 Ireland commissioned my team at Tribal DDB to create a mobile optimised site as a second screen game companion. Utilising a highly detailed statistics feed, we create an application that would translate the raw data into meaningful graphics that would not intrude upon the live game experience.  We also incorporated a Twitter feed from the social team at O2 Ireland and Rugby fans

The data was updated at least every 30 seconds throughout the game and covered everything from tries and conversions to substitutions, penalties, red and yellow cards, plus comparative data such as the power of the Irish pack.

With incredible narrow timelines, we managed to deliver a great mobile optimised site (desktop and tablet versions also available) with a very short lead time.

Here are some other screen grabs of the application.

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