Day 1: London to Faversham

Hello, my name is Tom Phillips. I will be updating Julien’s blog with news from the road as he travels from London to Nordkapp, the most northern point of mainland Europe. Julien is embarking upon this epic journey of around 2,500 miles, to raise money and support for the wonderful charity the Child’s i Foundation. So please do your bit by donating money on Julien’s Just Giving site and by visiting the Child’s i website. Thank you!

So on to the first day – unfortunately things haven’t gone exactly according to plan! This morning Julien discovered that his bike and gear was going to be a little too heavy for such a long trip. Once some excess baggage was removed Julien set out only to discover his speedometer had broken, this was then followed by a puncture on the rear tyre of his brand new bike!

To add to this Julein had to contend with some very inacurate ordinance survey maps which had him cycling down dead ends and alleyways. To catch up on his mile target Julien decided to veer off the planned route and head along the A226 for some quicker riding. So there weren’t too many exciting sights on the way today, but Julien did mention that he saw some great views whilst cycling through Erith in South London. As the weather turned nasty late this afternoon Julien decided to forgo camping and has instead settled down in a B&B just outside Faversham.

Overall he clocked up 70 miles today – not bad going considering the slow start. Let’s hope for a better day tomorrow as Julien catches the ferry to Dunkirk and begins his journey across Belgium.

A Google Map of the journey so far!

Welcome to All Terrain

Welcome to the All Terrain blog. This is a blog based around photography and filming in all types of landscapes, in all weathers and any location.

Rather than continue to communicate through the antiquated channel of a static website, All Terrain Photos will now be broadcast via this blog. I hope to enter into a more two way communication in this way. Social media is a great way to integrate a very social skill, photography, into the collective consciousness.

I set up All Terrain Photos and All Terrain Films in 2004, after returning from a year in South America where I was an expedition photographer based in southern Chile for several months. I took the opportunity to take in new adventures and see some incredible things.

Upon re-entering life in the UK, I became involved in a lot of film work. I have worked with the British Army when they attempted to summit Mount Everest via the West Ridge in 2006 and with Ford on an online comedy shot across Europe during 2007.

However, my principle interest has always been photography. I shoot mainly landscape, travel and expedition photography all around the world. I am a panoramic specialist, shooting mainly 6×12 or 6×24. However, when mountaineering or trekking about the furthest reaches of the globe, a large camera can often be too cumbersome. So I shoot also occasionally shoot on 6×9 and digital.

For me, the main focus of this blog is to discuss interesting places to shoot, good kit to take along and exciting adventures to be had and open up a conversation with the wider world.

Please comment!

Let’s Go!!

I think this is everything. Car at mum and dad’s. Rottable food out of the house. Bin goes out in an hour. Hours spent creating smart playlists on the iPod I’ll probably forget to put in my bag. Milk needs a drinkin. Bike needs loading. Need to rememeber the chilled rose and chocolate mouse for the boat journey. Pack everything into little ziplock food bags, then into bin bags, then into bike bags, then onto bikes. Worry  about what keys do what and go where. Brother to water plants. Weather to get good. Boat and trains to run smoothly. Bikes to not get nicked. Farmers and landlords of pubs to be generous with field space and scrumpy. Make sure I put the right stuff into my bike bags and not (secretly, without myself knowing) replace the correct kit with bags of flour, big books and lead weights….only to be discovered in Portsmouth tomorrow morning. Let’s Go!!!

The last time we were all together….

This was taken the weekend we decided to do this trip….perhaps we were all alittle crazy back then, but riding the length of Britain seemed like such a good idea to us three amigos at the time. Now, with just a few days to go, as I lay out all my kit out in the lounge, wondering how it will all fit in my panniers* ( and how I’m going to move my bike when they are on) i am beginning to feel the reality of it all and I’m feeling somewhat nervioso… lets hope that being a bit loco is the key factor to succeeding this ride….!

*Panniers = bike bags “I’m not a geek, just practical…” Isn’t that right Miss Whittle….!

First proper ride

Mile 18 - A few miles after South Harting village

Bloody hell, I though I was a little more cycle fit. Perhaps that is because I am used to cycling in London which is generally pretty flat, as opposed to the South Downs. Suffice to say, the 2 hour ride I did this afternoon, which was about 40 miles, somewhat took the wind from my sails.

I cycled from my mother’s place, through Walderton and Compton, past Uppark House and through South Harting. From there I headed east to Midhurst and then back via Cocking, Siddlesham and Lavant to Funtington and back home. Take a look at the route on GoogleMaps below.

Google map of today’s cycle route

I forgot how knackered your arms get from the vibrations sent through the frame. It does not matter that the forks are carbon fibre, if the road surface is anything but silky smooth, the skinny, slick road tyres transfer every single bump through to my wrists.

Fortunately, the pace I keeping to was perhaps a little too fast for the Le Jog route as I think Pete and Mary would prefer me to slow down so we can actually enjoy the scenery rather than race through it at the rate of knots.

Anyhow, I’m glad I went for a ride today as the weather was so peachy. Hopefully, tomorrow, I will do a similar ride, although perhaps a little slower and another 10-15 miles on top of today’s outing. We shall see…