Shot for the Day (24 April 2014)

Bantham Bay sunset

Dreaming of the summer nights at Bantham Bay in Devon, looking into the sun with no one around.   Actually, the reason there was no one around was because it was Easter 2013 and it was bloody freezing.  Still, one way to get such a beautiful beach all to oneself.

Shot for the Day (04 August 2013)

Shot of the Day  - 04AUG2013

Second trip to the quayside in Lyme Regis in Dorset earlier this year to catch the morning light, which, as can be seen above, did not appear.  It was, however, windswept, cold and rained, so a thoroughly rewarding experience nonetheless…

Adidas Lab London experiential event

In early April, I managed a team at Kin Design, who had been engaged by M&C Saatchi to create a large digital interactive installation for Adidas.

Over the following 7 weeks, my team created bespoke content for the inaugural Adidas Lab event in London.  Within two months, we created viable concepts, designed and animated them, built the system to house the event both physically and programmatically and tested it for the live date of May 24th. The pressure was on as the Adidas CEO (Herbert Hainer) and CMO (Hermann Deininger) were using the event to officially launch some key technical developments that Adidas have been working on over the last year or two.

Adidas Lab 2013

The press conference hosted by Herbert Hainer also had two famous footballers in the guise of Zinedine Zidane & Michael Ballack to support the Adidas Lab event.  Both players tried out installations that my team had worked on.

The three key elements that my team created were the following:

Adidas Lab

(1) The Track
This was an interactive 20m track that users ran up and down three times, to identify which Adidas boot was most appropriate for them.  Each of the three stages related to a different skill; speed, agility and control. We also integrated a real time video capture and render system into the track that used the RFID tag in data to upload the user’s video to the Adidas YouTube channel and post an update on their preferred social media channel of this video and their result (overall score and boot preference).

See an example of one of the thousand plus user videos below.

(2) MiCoach
We created an interactive picture based installation that users could look through as they watched a video that outlined the latest Adidas tech in MiCoach, where player movements were tracked on an iPad through a chip in the player’s kit.


(3) SmartBall Wall
Adidas created a ball that could transmit speed, bend and flight trajectory to an iPhone App.  My team created a large screen for users to kick the ball against.  At the top of the screen we installed a scanning laser to define where the ball hit the screen and trigger an animation. The App data was passed through AirPlay and shown on the screen to allow views to see the data on the iPhone screen.

Overall, the event was a great success and we are looking into opportunities to create future Adidas Lab events.

Here are a few more images from the Adidas Lab 2013:

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Guinness – St Patrick’s Day shoot

On an icy cold Thursday and Friday in January, as the snow fell and the temperatures tumbled below zero, I was on the set of a Guinness shoot, to celebrate St Patrick’s Day this March 17th 2013.

The team was made up of our Guinness client, creatives from Saatchi, Michael Sugerman (Director) and Production team from Holster, my team from Tribal, a live action / post production team from Rushes, as well as the assembled cast and crew.

The complexity of the shoot was based on the fact that we were interjecting personalised elements into the experience and therefore had to carefully choreograph the key sequences that my post production team at Luma could then create assets from and pass them over to the render farm team at Crystal CG / Hoopers.

One point of interest was that the bar set we used was from the hit TV comedy ‘Only Fools and Horses’.

The final output is available on Facebook:

Here are a few behind the scenes images I managed to grab whilst on the two day shoot.

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John Lewis – Fitness shoot

In January of this year (2013), I executive produced a short film for John Lewis about the ever pertinent New Year’s topic of fitness.  With only a very limited time frame to pull together the shoot, we worked with a small unit at Mind’s Eye to create a humorous and delicately shot short to demonstrate how we all start the New Year with the best of intentions to loose the gut just acquired over the Christmas break.  However, our protagonist is thwarted at every turn by the shoddy state of his sporting gear.

How long did it take you to recognise the soundtrack?

Here are a few images I managed to grab whilst on the one day shoot.

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