Shot for the Day (10 February 2018)

Taken on a summer’s evening in the northern fjords of Norway as the sun was dropping in the skies. Being north of the Arctic Circle, it did not drop much lower than in this image, holding the lovely golden tones for a prolonged period. Although this was mid summer (early July), the snow had only just melted 2-3 weeks prior.

Shot for the Day (4 November 2016)


Low tide on Exmouth beach over the weekend.  The water was low enough to reveal this concrete jetty, covered in very green seaweed.  A long exposure blurred the sky and left the water a milky, glassy texture.  You can just make out a seagull at the end of the jetty.  It stood there almost motionless for the 260 second exposure.

Shot for the Day (06 August 2016)


This is Bentham beach in southern Devon.  I took this a few weeks ago when I was in the area.  This was taken about 30 minutes after the sun had dropped below the horizon.  I should probably remove the light sources on the island and cliff top to make the image a little cleaner.  The cloud and colour of the sky reminds me more of a tropical sunset than the UK.  Could be due to the hint of magenta in the heavens.  Well worth a visit if you can find it.