Shot for the Day (17 September 2017)

This is a curious shot of an end of day scene in the Outer Hebrides where the setting sunlight was caught in the clouds at the centre of the scene, creating a dual light source. This state lasted for an hour. I can truthfully say I have never seen something like this before. I had trekking a few miles into the middle of nowhere, to free camp for the night. My tent was about 2-3km from where I took this shot. There was absolutely no one around for miles, making this scene all the more eerie.

Shot for the Day (23 February 2017)


Walking along the beach in Exmouth last week, the clouds took on a pattern similar to the sand bumps on the shore.  My new Formatt-Hitech filter gave a warm purple tone instead of the customary cold blue of the Lee filters, lifting the colour of the scene. I was so pre-occupied with the scene that I did not notice the progressive surf.  Moments later, a wave washed in from my left and soaked me to the knee.  Worth it though.

Shot for the Day (20 February 2017)


I am trying to improve my cityscape portfolio, especially of London as it is my home city.  This weekend, I went walking for hours and ended up back at Tower Bridge. The streets were teeming with thousands of tourists and people on half term holiday. After much searching, I found a small platform on the Thames walk, overlooking Tower Bridge and the London Assembly.  The clouds framing the Shard were perfect for a portrait of the scene.

Shot for the Day (22 August 2016)


Last weekend, the UK was battered with gale force winds and heavy rain.  I headed down to Sidmouth in Devon to try and capture some of nature’s drama.  The first shot was from a rock jetty by the sea. I used a Little Stopper, which caused an interesting colour cast in the image.  The sea was a deep red from the churned up sea bed.


I move along the beach to grab this shot of the waves breaking against the concrete causeway.  The evening sun was behind me but the clouds to the east reflected the evening glow, behind the crashing waves.

Shot for the Day (16 June 2015)

Langkawi end of days

Bit of eye candy for today’s image.  End of my first day on Langkawi, I was wondering along the beach with my camera and tripod.  The scene was beautiful but it was the delicate hues of different colours that I recall.  The faint orange juxtaposed next to the pale yellow.

I wish I were there right now…

Shot for the Day (29 April 2014)

Exmouth end of day

After several months based in Singapore, I miss certain things about the UK. A quiet beach and a cool breeze are definitely two of them. This was shot at one of my favour beaches, Exmouth, on a Spring evening. The large beach was devoid of any movement as the opalescent sky and previous inclement weather had chased all the fair weather beach combers. When I took this shot, the sun was almost gone, giving the sea an eerie hew on long exposure.