24Photography 2013

For the fourth year running, I am participating in the 24Photography artist’s group exhibition, which itself is in its tenth year. Each year, 24 photography artists document New Year’s Day, each assigned an hour to capture the day through our eyes and relate it to the year’s brief. This year, the chosen theme was Sign of the Times and I was allotted 13:00 – 14:00 slot.

My piece is entitles Fast Forwards. It is based on the premise that any city such as London is always in perpetual motion. This forward movement is derived from all the constituent componenets, which operate independently at their own pace.

I wanted to juxtapose the different time transitions, from the ever changing skyline to the frenetic movement of the people who inhabit it. Finally, I wanted to include the natural elements that surround all this activity, which itself is in a constant change of flux. However, in all of this commotion, it is this natural variable that will enjoy the greatest longevity.

As usual, the exhibition will opens tonight, 24th February in Berkeley Square, Mayfair. The nearest tube station is Green Park. Please come along and see al our work.

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24Photography 2012

Third year running for me to participate in the 24Photography artist’s group.  Each year, 24 photography artists document New Year’s Day.  Each of us are assigned an hour to capture the day through our eyes and relate it to that year’s theme.  This year, the chosen theme is Empty.

I was based in Hong Kong for most of December this year and although I was allotted 12 noon GMT, this translated to 8pm in Hong Kong.  The city is one of the most vibrant and hectic places on earth, so following the empty theme appeared complicated at first.  I wanted to focus on the hyper realism of the city, which I accomplished through using HDR to enhance the already bright end of day colours.

As usual, the exhibition will open on 24th February in Berkeley Square, Mayfair.  Nearest tube station is Green Park.

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24Photography website: http://www.24photography.org/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/24photography
Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/24photography

24Photography 2011

For the second year running, I have been part of the 24Photography artist’s group, an annual photography exhibition documents New Year’s Day. As usual, the exhibition opened on 24th February.  This year, there were around 500 people in attendance, with representation from various London newspapers.

As one of the photographers involved, we have embarked on an ambitious project that will span a generation, creating a pictorial social documentary to record what New Year’s Day represents – not only as a one off event – but also as an on-going and developing catalogue of what the end of one year and beginning of another comes to represent over time.

For my entry this year, I wanted to prove to myself that my work was not about the technology but what you do with it.  So, I chose to shoot all of my work on a Nokia N8 phone.  None of the guests could believe that a phone was able to take such clear images.

The exhibition is running for 24 days in Berkeley Square, Mayfair.  Nearest tube station is Green Park.  Please pop along and take a look.

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24Photography website: http://www.24photography.org/
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  7. Aesthetica Magazine
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Printed Press:

  • Mayfair Times
  • IN London – Highlight of the Month
  • Amateur Photographer Magazine
  • Evening Star – Double Page Spread
  • Ham and High Express
  • EADT – Double page Spread Photo Essay
  • Hammersmith and Kensington Times
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