Day 8: Kelsall to Ecclestone

Total mileage: 55
Terrain: Hills – Easy but dull urban cycling

Having an easy day was a good way to easy off especially as I had been feeling ropey.  My knee continued to be a source of continual concern a it was quite painful as the day ran its course.  Mary was in much the same state.  Pete however, seemed to be resilient in all but his behind.  That said, we were all suffering a little as the Brooks saddles had not yet broken in comfortably.

Today’s cycling was pretty non-descript really.  We cycled through a lot of urban landscape, most of which was pretty grim.  We got lost crossing the Mersey and were helped out by a lovely guy called Jimmy.  He guided over the river at Runcorn and told us the way to go, to avoid the downtown sprawl north of there.  Unfortunately, this was advice we all thought the other had listened to as we got hopelessly lost.  Eventually, we spoke with an AA guy talking his lunch break who told us the best route.

Overall, the day was perhaps one of the most forgettable of the entire trip.  We stopped in Ecclestone and stayed in a B&B.  Most of the day was spent looking at grim scenery and cycling through depressed urban landscapes.

Quick outing in Devon

After my longer cycle ride on Thursday, I managed to do something silly to my knee. I ended up having to forgo my cycle ride on Saturday and cut short my Sunday ride to just 30 miles. Ideally, I should have paced myself a lot better, rather than hooning around on my road bike like I was on fire. No matter, the virtues of having a partner who is an acupuncturist prevailed as my knee was duly needled up and restored to health.

Google map of today’s cycle route

I plan to reduce the overall length of the cycle rides, instead, increasing the frequency as I am more concerned about the day by day rigour then the duration of these cycle rides.