Day 8: Leer to Brake

Julien has now been on his on his massive cycling trip for one week and I am glad to report that he had a much better day today.

Julien set off from Leer early this morning and as he cycled along was stopped by a German film crew who were keen to get his views on how German farmers were being affected by the closure of a nearby bridge!

Needless to say Julien had little opinion on this, but managed to give a short response in English. Whether the story will make the news in Germany tonight we will never know!

After leaving Leer Julien found himself on a zigzag route. So far he has found cycling in Germany to be quite different from in Holland. The cycle paths are much shorter in Germany than in Holland where he was riding along straight roads for miles at a time.

Julien stopped in for brunch at Westerstede and thankfully was able to order a hearty German breakfast despite the language barrier!

He then continued on to Wiefelstede and Rastede and cycled through a lovely forest before making it to Brake where he is camping for the night.

Tomorrow Julien plans to cycle around Hamburg and Bremen and hopes to reach Itzehoe.

Here is the Google Map for day eight and please take the time to visit the Child’s i Foundation and sponsor Julien on his Just Giving site. Thank you.

Day 7: Leeuwarden to Leer

Julien had a bit of a crappy day today but still managed to cover a mammoth 92 miles!

Julien again got very lost, this time on a long 30 mile road on the way to Groningen. To get back on track he then tried to cycle along the highway but there were no road markings which made it very difficult to find the way to Germany!

Eventually Julien made it out of Holland arriving in Bunde but he only realised he had entered Germany when he suddenly noticed a significant increase in the number of German cars and number plates!

So far the cycle paths in Germany haven’t matched the Dutch standard and Julien spent alot of time cycling through a back country route.

Along the way he saw a German couple walking along with two massive horses one of which he somehow offended and it became rather enraged!

After Julien dismounted from his bike the horse became less angry and after a while he got back on the bike and continued on to Leez where he is camping for the night.

Let’s hope for better roads and fewer wild horses tomorrow! Here is today’s Google Map and please also visit the Child’s i Foundation and Julien’s Just Giving page. Thank you.