Shot for the Day (25 September 2017)

The day had been a mixture of rain and clouds. For landscape photography, this can either mean a really interesting cocktail of factors or a nightmare in the making. Alas, the rain had meant that the morning had been a write off. I travelled the length of the north coast of the Isle of Lewis without finding the right ingredients for a memorable image.

After scrutinising a map, I noticed an interesting coastline option that meant transversing a local farmer’s land. With no one around to ask for permission, I trekked the 2km to the beach and found the stormy, isolate image above.  This image is a 100 second exposure using a 10 stop ND filter. The long exposure robbed the photograph of some of the colour. To counter this, I put my longer prime lens on my camera and took a 2 second shot of a section of the same scene.

Shot for the Day (04 August 2013)

Shot of the Day  - 04AUG2013

Second trip to the quayside in Lyme Regis in Dorset earlier this year to catch the morning light, which, as can be seen above, did not appear.  It was, however, windswept, cold and rained, so a thoroughly rewarding experience nonetheless…

HTC One global launch

During my time at Mother, I was the Head of Integrated Production on the HTC account and worked on the launch of the company’s latest and greatest smartphone, to combat top models from Apple and Samsung.

My production team co-ordinated the creation of all global launch material, ranging from a photo shoot of the new handset, the TVC of a photorgaphy student sky diving with the HTC One handset to collateral for all the subsequent digital channels with interesting behind the scenes material as well as social commentary and a PR event at the launch of the HTC One on the site of the TVC drop zone, in the desert around Arizona.

Here is how we made the TVC.

Boeing Dreamspace photography – Work from the archive

Boeing Dreamspace 10

Sometimes I end up doing vary varied tasks for different projects. Whilst based at PCI Fitch, I was the agency photographer and one of the jobs I covered was the Farnborough Airshow in 2006.  The design team had created the Boeing Dreamscape interior at the air show, which I shot for Boeing.  It was a delightful mixture of physical installation and digital elements.

Here are some images of the space.

South America photoshoot

For the final few weeks of 2010, as the UK was freezing in the mid-winter snow, I was in sunny Argentina, shooting for various image libraries.  I have included a few of these images from the various places I visited in late November and early to mid December.

As luck would have it, my flight was one of the very first to make it back into Heathrow, once they were finally able to clear the runway, which was very jammy indeed!

Sailing across the Beagle Channel close to Ushuaia, moment s after a snow blizzard

Walking around the edge of Lago Colorado in the Bolivian Atacama desert

Leap of faith 4,500m up in the Atacama desert

Train graveyard in the Salar de Uyuni, just south of town

Horse riding gaucho style in the hills surrounding Salta, Argentina

Meet the Iceland 2010 team: Julien

Finally, the last member of the team is me.

I have been an ardent cyclist for years, braving the London commute on two wheels for over a decade. I have several war wounds to prove this as London motorists and pedestrians are a careless bunch sometimes.

From an expedition perspective, I have had a few adventures in my time. Last year I cycled 4200km to Nordkapp, the most northern point in Norway and indeed, Europe. The year before, I cycled from Lands End to John O’Groats. Other outdoor pursuits include rock climbing, mountaineering, trekking, sailing and so forth in lots of interesting place around the world.

I am fortunate enough to have a good excuse in that being a photographer, it is all part of my day job. I am not sure if anyone believes this but what the heck, it works for me.

When I am not in the wilderness, I am an online specialist and have been privileged to have worked at many of London’s finest agencies, including The Team, Blsat Radius, Head London, Endemol and Imagination to name but a few.

In recent weeks, I have been cycling around 120 miles a week in preparation for this ride. However, there is no experience like being out on the open road and Iceland has long been a dream of mine. I just hope that Angelique and Dave do not want to kill me for dragging them to the Island of Ice and Fire (or is that Tierra del Fuego?).

My other preparations for this trip include trying to part you generous people from your cash by way of sponsorship and fund raising. In fact, rather than dismantling my bike for the flight next Saturday today, I have been writing to lots of newspapers, magazines and companies to see if I can rustle up any interest to back the expedition and the Kids First Trust. So, if you have a fiver in your pocket burning a hole, please do donate to a most worthwhile cause at my Just Giving page.

Welcome to Team Iceland 2010.

Welcome to All Terrain

Welcome to the All Terrain blog. This is a blog based around photography and filming in all types of landscapes, in all weathers and any location.

Rather than continue to communicate through the antiquated channel of a static website, All Terrain Photos will now be broadcast via this blog. I hope to enter into a more two way communication in this way. Social media is a great way to integrate a very social skill, photography, into the collective consciousness.

I set up All Terrain Photos and All Terrain Films in 2004, after returning from a year in South America where I was an expedition photographer based in southern Chile for several months. I took the opportunity to take in new adventures and see some incredible things.

Upon re-entering life in the UK, I became involved in a lot of film work. I have worked with the British Army when they attempted to summit Mount Everest via the West Ridge in 2006 and with Ford on an online comedy shot across Europe during 2007.

However, my principle interest has always been photography. I shoot mainly landscape, travel and expedition photography all around the world. I am a panoramic specialist, shooting mainly 6×12 or 6×24. However, when mountaineering or trekking about the furthest reaches of the globe, a large camera can often be too cumbersome. So I shoot also occasionally shoot on 6×9 and digital.

For me, the main focus of this blog is to discuss interesting places to shoot, good kit to take along and exciting adventures to be had and open up a conversation with the wider world.

Please comment!