Shot for the Day (05 February 2018)

One morning looking out east across Badía de Pollença.  This was a while ago, whilst in Majorca, when I was up before sunrise one summer’s day, watching the boat gently bobbing on the calm waters of the bay.  Would love to be there right now, enjoying the warm air and stunning view.

Shot for the Day (14 April 2017)

The waters around La Palma island are pretty rough.  Not a location for beach swimming.  Behind where I took this shot was a swimming pool hewn from the natural rocks and filled by the sea, called La Fajana.  I took this shot, looking out to sea, from a platform about 4m about the surf.  The occasional wave still managed to lap my feet the swell was that rough.

Shot for the Day (3 September 2015)


Following on from my last entry, this was taken a few minutes prior to the last shot (below) in Alcudia, Mallorca. Unfortunately, I was not well positioned for the sunrise, which was behind the head of the peninsula, to my left.  The reason for this was main due to the fact that the westerly facing headland was several kilometres on the other side of a private golf course and I had no idea how long it would have taken me to walk there.  Has anybody ever made this journey?

One thing that resonated with me the most about this particular dawn was the strength of the yellow in the sky.  Singapore tends to be far more orange due to pollutants in the atmosphere.

Shot for the Day (1 September 2015)


I awoke well before dawn on my penultimate day in Mallorca this summer.  I wanted the experience the serenity one finds at the birth of a new day, surrounded by nature.  My home town of Singapore does have many green spaces but they are a patch of nature juxtaposed against the greyness of manmade objects.  I was craving for the antithesis.

A yacht had moored the previous night and bobbed gently on the rising tide as the first light of day bathed the foreground in a rich golden light. The moon was cradled amongst the wisps of cloud as they glided silently across the sky overhead, travelling on the a light breeze, which rustled the branches ever so slightly.

I think this is going to be my go to calm place for this year.

Back in the UK and time to train!

My trusty steed - A Specialized Allez Elite road bike

So, after a fantastic week in Mallorca, learning how to sail a catamaran, I am back in the UK. I have headed down to Sussex for a few days to start my cycle training. The South Downs offers plenty of hills to the discerning cyclist and the weather is a balmy 20°C with an abundance of sunshine.

I think I will start with a modest ride today as I have not been on the bike for a couple of weeks, perhaps 20 miles or so. Tomorrow, I aim to knock out a longer 2-3 hour ride, so perhaps 40-50 miles. The one thing I will need to make sure of is that I do not get too used to cycling on my lightweight road bike as my touring bike is a darn sight more sturdy, being made of steel instead of aluminium.

On that point, I ordered my Thorn Raven last week via Pete. I cannot wait to receive it! I did a tally of all the various items I would like to take touring with me and I will have to trim down the list as otherwise I’ll never move under the oppressive weight of so much stuff!

I have also bought a mini-tripod set up for my handle bars, so I will be able to see how the camera will sit on my bike. Hopefully, I will have some test images from the next few days that I will upload to Flickr and to this blog.