Shot for the Day (13 May 2018)

Another weekend down in Sussex and I wanted to find an alternative view of Bosham harbour. As the sun dropped behind the village with its iconic church depicted in the Bayeux Tapestry and said to have been built on the crypt where King Kanute was buried, I chanced upon this scene.  In the foreground, the seaweed looked more like the webbing of a giant spider, blanketing the exposed wetlands at low tide.

Shot for the Day (26 February 2018)

Spent the weekend down in Sussex with my mother to mark ten years since my father’s death and wanted to capture a quintessentially local scene of Bosham, where he was laid to rest. It was a stunning day and the sky lit up in a stunning, fiery orange after the sun had set. This is of the Bosham sailing club, in dwindling light.

A longer outing equals more pain!

More gorgeous scenery on Sussex

With such good weather here in Sussex, I thought it would be a real shame not to make the most of it by going for a longer cycle that on Tuesday.

I got a little lost en route and ended up cycling along the A3 dual carriageway at one point, with trucks and cars whistling past me at 70mph. That was certainly not the relaxed country ride I had planned! hat said, I did get to see some extraordinary scenery and beautiful villages in the Downs.

Google map of today’s cycle route

I think I will keep the cycle tomorrow short and save myself for a decent one down in Devon over the weekend.

Back in the UK and time to train!

My trusty steed - A Specialized Allez Elite road bike

So, after a fantastic week in Mallorca, learning how to sail a catamaran, I am back in the UK. I have headed down to Sussex for a few days to start my cycle training. The South Downs offers plenty of hills to the discerning cyclist and the weather is a balmy 20°C with an abundance of sunshine.

I think I will start with a modest ride today as I have not been on the bike for a couple of weeks, perhaps 20 miles or so. Tomorrow, I aim to knock out a longer 2-3 hour ride, so perhaps 40-50 miles. The one thing I will need to make sure of is that I do not get too used to cycling on my lightweight road bike as my touring bike is a darn sight more sturdy, being made of steel instead of aluminium.

On that point, I ordered my Thorn Raven last week via Pete. I cannot wait to receive it! I did a tally of all the various items I would like to take touring with me and I will have to trim down the list as otherwise I’ll never move under the oppressive weight of so much stuff!

I have also bought a mini-tripod set up for my handle bars, so I will be able to see how the camera will sit on my bike. Hopefully, I will have some test images from the next few days that I will upload to Flickr and to this blog.