Day 6: De Koog to Leeuwarden

Day six and Julien had a great day today, the best so far and is reporting fewer aches and pains as he has adjusted his bicycle seat!

He set off this morning and retraced his steps going from De Koog to Den Helder where he cycled through a massive dyke. With a slight tail wind and sunshine Julien was able to clock up a quick 25 miles.

He stopped in for lunch in Harlingen which Julien says was gorgeous and his favourite place on the trip so far. He then cycled onto Leeuwarden and found a great campsite just on the outskirts which is essentaily a 4-5 acre field by a river and an animal sanctuary that Julien is sharing with just one other traveller who is staying down the opposite end from him!

Julien hopes to make it to Germany tomorrow and if the cycle paths are as good as they have been in Holland then he expects to make it to Leez and Oldenburg and estimates that the journey through Germany should take him about the same time as travelling across Holland – around 4-5 days.

Here is the Google Map for today and as always Julien would appreciate it if you would please vist the Child’s i Foundation and his Just Giving page. Thanks!

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