Day 14: Varberg to Falkoping

Today was Julien’s biggest day yet as he covered an insane 110 miles!

At the start of the day Julien was not intending to go quite as far as this but he discovered that the distance between campsites in Sweden is very large!

Julien started out this morning by cycling on a dual carriageway alongside cars and trucks – not a nice start to the day.

He stopped at Kinna and asked one of the locals if it was ok for him to be cycling along what was essentially a motorway.

He was told that cyclists often use the road and sure enough later on he saw a little old lady cycling along the same route!

When he made to Boras Julien stopped in for lunch at a Swedish Chinese restaurant that  wasn’t too great!

Julien realised that the nearest campsite to Boras was only another 10 miles away. As he felt he had more energy in him he decided to push further on past Herrljunga and head towards the next campsite another 50 miles away.

Unsurprisingly he got very worn out along the way but was committed to going the full distance to get to the campsite, have a shower and have somewhere decent to stay for the night.

When he made it to Falkoping Julien was so tired he had to get off his bike and walk it along for the next few miles.

A friendly local saw that Julien was struggling a bit and gave him directions to the campsite and money for a shower – I guess Julien did not smell too great at this point!

Julien is hoping for a smaller day tomorrow but is still aiming to cover around 70 miles.

Here is Google Map number fourteen and as always please take the time to visit the Child’s i Foundation and Julien’s Just Giving page. Thanks!

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