Shot for the Day (21 July 2021)

My first go with Infrared film. I was using Rollei IR 400 film (120 roll film).

I shot this last summer in Al Canada, in Mallorca. I waited for a day with clouds, to bring some interest to the sky.

This was shot on my Horseman SW612 with 65mm lens and IR filter. I found through this shooting experience that 4-5 stops is the sweetspot for exposure calculation with Rollei IR 400 film.

When shooting with a pano camera, you need a centre spot filter but I was able to balance this in post production as it would have resulted in a 6.5 – 7.5 stop reduction, which would have meant blurring of the clouds and foliage.

One watch out with Rollei IR 400 film is that the emulsion is very thin and scratches very easily.

Looking forward to shooting some more IR film.

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